Thursday, August 30, 2007

^--- I have some sketchy ideas for an alternate dimension victorian story, where Debonair Man is a chauvanistic superhero and suffragettes are like, even more hardcore than they already are.

^--- I needed to do a ref sheet for an art trade I'm doing with a girl in hong kong who draws AMAZING anime pics. At least, I love her art LOL.

^--- The creepy imaginary friend image i did for the Art Jumble I'm part of.

Join, its fun!!!!

There should be an art trade blog. That would be KILLER.


Carlyle said...

holy crap, i love that imaginary friend one, it's sooo gnarley, ur art is just awsome:)

Karen said...

I agree, the imaginary friend one is bomb! MM but I love the sleeves on the art trade one. Great Job!