Friday, July 28, 2006

I love alice. She's so fun to draw.
+ I'm part of bri-chan's hatter community, so I felt i needed to add something. Doesnt my lack of bgs make you SOO love me???

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

yeah. photobucket is EVIL and hates me.

Woo hoo, done!!! pretty intricate lineart, if i do say so myself!
anime. I love anime.

... i was in a weird funk because i have art block. still do. AGH

Sunday, July 9, 2006

WOOT! yet another image of Ebony Black; I'm really trying to think her story ALL the way through before actually putting anything on to paper, because all that seems to do is annoy me. I'm going to be working on character packs and such tonight, real media, and hopefully they will be put up by the end of the week.

Sorry for the excessive, "wah wah, anime" but i am really trying to create my own style, and i always feel almost guilty any time I post up anime. I would compare it to a person who is trying to learn the paino, but continues to play a recorder because it is "easier".

Besides, this is only my view/anal tendencies. Does this mean I don't like anime? XD um, no. I still love it, but I want to challenge myself (without having to do backgrounds XD)

anyway, hopefully i'll post some of the plot to Ebony Black and the Centre of the Universe (yes, that is the real title XD)

... I don't think Ive ever been this excited about a project before.