Friday, August 10, 2007

*Main char for my new *current* storyline for my short i want to do.

Because i am crazy.

Once i get all the characters figured out, i will start the animatic.

*Main love Interest XD


Poor little Gorgon is shunned by everyone, mad that all of the other gods are paired up. She goes to see Cupid for help, and Cupid is currently running a dating service called "unloveable" (which is also the title of the short). Cupid shows her all of the success they have had (hades and persephone, Isis and Osiris (one dead, one alive in both cases XD)) and wins over Georgie, the Gorgon.

She goes on a series of absolutely disasterous dates with diffferent gods, like Bacchus (who drank WAY too much and spews all over her shoes) and narcissus, who spends the entire time looking at himself in mirrors.

Finally, she angrily goes to the dating service office, turns cupid to stone, and goes through his files. While she's doing so, a man enters the office, Azrael, a fallen angel and she doesn't have her sunglasses on, and she freaks out because she didn't want to kill him, but he seems to be fine. And he removes his sunglasses, and his eyes are white and he is blind and they live happily ever after.



Greg said...

Wow you are really brave for posting the synopsis for the short you want to make. Artists and writers get their ides stolen all the time. Great concept and cute characters.

kadianimate said...

ahahaha. I am the most anonymous artist it seems, and i will be very shocked if someone actually does that LOL. This will mostly change, anyway XD

Unless i randomly become famous in the next couple of months. And then I will start guarding my secrets a little more closely XD

Emperial said...

People who steal ideas... well, it never lasts long! Eventually they get caught. Heck, someone stole my devART icon and got caught! Stealing something publicly attributed to someone already is tough. You have to hope no one who sees the stolen work has seen the original, and if the thief saw the original, you can bet other people did too.

But enough on that! The sketches all look so fantastic! I just keep staring, looking at all the characters and finding new things every time. ^^

I so wish I could do Irelia's hair like you! *studies intensely*

eric said...

another story concept, you are definitely full of it.... i mean full of ideas :P awesome stuff as usual... so much life and character! how was ur anime thingy this weekend?

Kuga-maru said...

So your still planning to do a short huh. very cool, keep me posted on how it's coming along. I love comics. Still trying to get my figment idea down.