Saturday, October 5, 2013


Welcome to Blindsprings! SO! is ONLINE though I’m still working to make it look less like butt. It’s a difficult task. Sizing and how I’m displaying the comic is super up in the air still, I’m trying to find a good way to display the spreads that will happen in the future, but there seems to be. No good way, unfortunately!!! I’ll make do with what I have. Comic will start updating on OCTOBER 31st, HALLOWE’EN — which is the 6th anniversary of Tammy as a character, so it’s like her birthday! Updates will be a page a week every thursday for a little while, I have an art course I’m taking and I’m also working on a test so I MAY have work, I’m not sure. When not working two jobs, the update schedule will switch to two pages a week! I don’t want to miss updates so they’ll stay one page until I get a buffer back in to place in case I get busier in the future! I hope you guys come read my webcomic!!! I'm at if you ever want to hear my inane chatter almost daily!