Monday, June 19, 2006

agh. yes. anime.

but i am liking the colouring, so i thought i'd post.

I was SOOOO addicted to gaia, and i'm trying to cut most of my ties before school starts.
All i'll be doing is working on my "pet" shop, which is really more of an experiment in how long i can stand designing the same types of character and storyline.


too many storylines are in my head!!!! so i can never finish anything, i always have new ideas just DYING to get out.

hope you like, don't mind the anime-ness
(or at least try LOL... i am aware of the "anime is too commercialized and not viable in an american market for long" debate okey dokie?)

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Working on getting more of a realistic paintish style XD

since i am CRAP with real media paints

I have a collection of pretty old drawings... they're from the summer before i started grade 9 XD

So i was 14... i think

Anyway, i like them, they were originally referenced off of girls in the seventeen covers... but i reffed off my picture that was reffed... so its safe to say that this one isn't all that reffed, LOL

I make no sense!!!


Monday, June 5, 2006

photobucket is EVIL

Friday, June 2, 2006

She's so.... fat XD more ebony

alternate colour scheme... i dunno yet, but i think im going to go with coal black hair, not red.

having eyes like ebony isn't too noticeable in animation
just a little sketch of Ebony as a child. I'm wavering between giving her curly hair like this one:

or straight, like this one i did when she's older.

No. She's not black. That would be redundant and she has her own personal reasons for calling herself Ebony Black.