Wednesday, June 27, 2007

^-- -forgot about this one; Hermione looking for R.A.B. , Draco and Moaning Myrtle who i think is SOOO FUNNAY

^---New Sketchbook pages. WOOO. I like noses. noses are my friends, though i hated them just a couple months ago XD

^--- Other hair-dos for Azura. I dunno, i kinda like the simple short one on the next page...

^--- Quickly coloured in Mechanne and Azura. Mechanne is the darker skinned, pink girl who is a weapons specialist. She calls up giant bazookas made of bamboo and stuff. And giant mallets. And she fights with her fists when she runs out of weapons. She's spunky and courageous and falls instantly in love with Sake, the

Azura is a mage in training, and she specializes in water and ice based attacks. So she has tsunami's of doom and so on. XD She's more of the calm, level headed type, but Mechanne's interest in Sake pushes her over the edge.

I have WAAAY too much fun with these too XD

^--- Drawn for Emily's B-day. Happy 21st, you old hag!!! I am still young and pure. And i always will be.

I posted just for you Em! (Em from Gaia. Not ; who is also cool XD)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Some sketches;

I saw Ratatouille tonight! It was AMAZING. First of all, there were NO trailers or commercials, save one for Wall-E (which looks really cool BTW) and then a really cool shot, called "Lifted" which had some really great animation and was a riot.

Then Ratatouille started. First of all, the art direction in this film is absolutely phenomenal. My first thought was "sooooo pretty" but I was soon sucked in to the plot of the movie and forgot about how pretty it was. The old lady at the beginning... man I loved her and this DEFINATELY is a general audience film, not a kids movie. Its so amazing!

The animation of all the characters was amazing and the backgrounds were just beautiful. I am so inspired by this movie. Also, I feel that I should work even harder, not just so I can aspire to work at this company, but feel worthy of even wanting to work there.

And there is 2D animation at the end.

OMG. This is my favourite movie from Pixar.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Some lifedrawing and a page of faces. The man in the top left corner on the second page is dedicated to Heather. And Lauren. And Sarah.

Ok he's dedicated to everyone who loves sexy debonair men.

I actually drew one yay!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

^--Last one NOT done by me but by Lauren, whos at

I got addicted to drawing Pinup girls a couple of nights ago. They are fun to draw :D Couldn't upload for a few days, my net was SLOOOOWWWW.