Wednesday, June 27, 2007

^-- -forgot about this one; Hermione looking for R.A.B. , Draco and Moaning Myrtle who i think is SOOO FUNNAY

^---New Sketchbook pages. WOOO. I like noses. noses are my friends, though i hated them just a couple months ago XD

^--- Other hair-dos for Azura. I dunno, i kinda like the simple short one on the next page...

^--- Quickly coloured in Mechanne and Azura. Mechanne is the darker skinned, pink girl who is a weapons specialist. She calls up giant bazookas made of bamboo and stuff. And giant mallets. And she fights with her fists when she runs out of weapons. She's spunky and courageous and falls instantly in love with Sake, the

Azura is a mage in training, and she specializes in water and ice based attacks. So she has tsunami's of doom and so on. XD She's more of the calm, level headed type, but Mechanne's interest in Sake pushes her over the edge.

I have WAAAY too much fun with these too XD

^--- Drawn for Emily's B-day. Happy 21st, you old hag!!! I am still young and pure. And i always will be.

I posted just for you Em! (Em from Gaia. Not ; who is also cool XD)


Emperial said...

YAY! <333 I just cannot get enough of how you do your faces. Theey all have such style and, well, character! I mean, how you do everything is great, but I just... am constantly awed at all the face types you can do, and do brilliantly. The sort of stuff I wish I could pull off! <3 Truly, I am awed.

I wish i could get myself to sketch as much as you do, too!

kadianimate said...

but then my bodies suck butt LOL I conentrate too much on faces XD

I am going to do drawing course tutorials for DA. people keep asking me for colouring tutorials but my weird drawing tutorials would be better. And I can actually tell people what to do other than... I TAKE ONE TOOL AND I COLOUR.

I take the sea bus and skytrain to work every morning and i sketch when i come home at night; its a HUGE priority for me, mostly because I want to be a "known" artist, you know? Like, Sarah and Clio and Kenny and Lauren are known and doing great and i want to be too.

Sarah- Tealin, did harry potter images, works for james baxter in Cali now.
Clio- well, duh, amazing
Kenny- designed the show "Class of the Titans"
Lauren- going to work for disney. And shes a month younger than me.

*cries* All it does is make me work harder. Because i want to succeed SO BAD. And not just succeed a little, but a LOT.

Emperial said...

I truly think you have it, I do. It's just a matter of getting people to notice!

I think part of it is doing really nice finished pieces with backgrounds. People really love that kind of thing! I can draw character pics until I'm blue in the face and no one will notice or care unless it's fanart, really... XP That's just the way it goes!

And yet I'd still rather do character pics!

Megan Ferguson said...


i LOVEEEEEE all your sketches and style and...the last one is super sexy but all of them are cute and..full of love !
im so jealous !

kadianimate said...


You need to move over here so we can pick each others BRAINZ!!!

Thank you!!! *dies* We're gradding the same year XD

I am dying of being overworked but MY GOD do you get better if you draw for around 15 hours of your day XD

Greg said...

Hey I saw that you joined Art Jumble and I can't wait to see you posting. Your style is awesome! *Hint* *hint*...there will be a Harry Potter week coming up soon to honor the new movie and final book.

kadianimate said...

thanks XD

I am excited about Harry Potter week, YEAH!