Sunday, June 17, 2007

Some sketches;

I saw Ratatouille tonight! It was AMAZING. First of all, there were NO trailers or commercials, save one for Wall-E (which looks really cool BTW) and then a really cool shot, called "Lifted" which had some really great animation and was a riot.

Then Ratatouille started. First of all, the art direction in this film is absolutely phenomenal. My first thought was "sooooo pretty" but I was soon sucked in to the plot of the movie and forgot about how pretty it was. The old lady at the beginning... man I loved her and this DEFINATELY is a general audience film, not a kids movie. Its so amazing!

The animation of all the characters was amazing and the backgrounds were just beautiful. I am so inspired by this movie. Also, I feel that I should work even harder, not just so I can aspire to work at this company, but feel worthy of even wanting to work there.

And there is 2D animation at the end.

OMG. This is my favourite movie from Pixar.


Emperial said...


I can't wait to see Ratatouille because I LOVE LOVE LOVE rats and mice and all the great rodent animated films like the Rescuers and the Rescuers Down Under and the Great Mouse Detective and the Rats of NIMH and An American Tail. YAY THE RODENTS ARE BACK!

... Weirdly, I do not like Mickey Mouse. At all. Or Minnie. D: (I do like Donald.)

Gorgeous sketches as always. It makes me want to enter the concept contest just to try for a kid in your not-anime style, because it's fantastic. Alas, where would I find the time? But yeesh I just love your artwork!

kadianimate said...

you should, you should!!! there's still time LOL

Emperial said...

Yeah, there's time in the contest, but I have to keep my RP obligations to a minimum lest I explode, and I don't know if it's really fair for the shop owner to enter a contest. ^^;

kadianimate said...

(I WOULD DO TWO if its for you)

You don't have a baby, do you?

Emperial said...

Not a Patch one, no. But I know you're busy right now! I can always try to snag a custom slot later on. ^^

Technically I have Ariko, since I RP her! I have so much NPC art to finish it's not even funny ;_;

Alina Chau said...

THese pages are beautiful!! Great drawings!

Karen said...

Ratatouille isn't even out where I am.. LAAME. But I'm itching to watch it. I watched a trailer on their website and now I'm anticipating it even more....

And I love that big-bowed dress on that little girl-- adorable!

macaronni said...

My goodness!! Is it out already????

Must go watch!!

Courtney said...

It was AMAZING! Do you remember that assignment? HA HA... So it was a good flick eh? Rock on! I read your post a while ago and went out and bought (long-live finally getting paid!) the art book which is pretty flippin' cool!

I should bring it to life drawing to show you if you haven't seen it already. It was worth picking up.

Love your sketches btw, très AWESOME!