Sunday, April 8, 2007

SOOOO.... I needed to update. Since I haven't in *GASP* A WEEK OMG.

This is a character in my model pack THE VILLIAN OOO. His name is Alpha and he's just a flunkie. And oh yeah, he's the twin brother of the main character. He was locked in the dungeon for all of his life until just recently, when they LET HIM OUT. Yeah, and he's a psychopathic maniac that is hellbent on killing his slightly older twin sister and taking the throne for himself. Did I mention he was a Raging Rabies Prince? (i don't even know what that is myself)

This is Brian O'Brien, the local Blacksmith. Also an alien, I'm thinking part gorrilla, part fire monster. Savvy? He's sorta like a surrogate father to Omega and gives her a lot of good advice. She goes to him a lot, to talk and make new weapons out of old school supplies. Brian O'Brien made her Omega symbol belt (O'Brien's Belt anyone? *pelted by tomatoes*)

This is Rothgar (Full name William Ophelia Rothgar Minor AKA WORM). He runs the post office of the town of Terra, and he fancies himself an outlaw, so he holds postage ransom. He's sneaky, conniving, and afraid of loud noises. He's a lousy shot with a gun and freaks out in most situations. He tries to save face but most everyone regards him as a loudmouthed busybody snob. They don't particularily like him, but begrudgingly don't kill him, as he is the only human being in the town (and therefore the only human ambassador to the refugee camp) and would be missed by the powers that be. I love him. He's SNARKY.

I'm going to try a different way of colouring these guys tomorrow. I'm saddling my computer up to my car and taking a drive down to my friends house for Easter. YEE HAW.

EDIT: Needed to do something NOT relating to cowboys or aliens. I chose strawberries.

50 mins from beginning to end. SPEED PAINT WOOO.

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