Thursday, March 29, 2007

Characters for my final animation; I really need to learn how to draw horses LOL.

They have retarded names. The girl is Priscilla, or Prissi for short, and the horse is Angelus Michaelangelo David and you have to call him by all of his names. Or give him an awesome nickname like "God who walks upon dismal earth with four golden hooves that I wish to be trampled by." he'd REaLLY like you then.


starlingH said...

kadi the way the horse is looking down on the girl.. it makes me think of equus-but with a lady! hehehehehe!

i'm just teasing. sort of. i'm mostly just jealous of your coloring skills!!!

Megan Ferguson said...

hahahah it seems like you got your characters personalities down ,and you can see them so clearly ! your designs always make me jealous :D

kadianimate said...

Ah, but I love yours Megs!!! Especially your layouts, I FAIL at layouts. I can't even post mine, they're so terrible...

Acrylicana said...

I love that wiggley mouth the hose has got. :D Fab.

macaronni said...

Great stuff you got here!

You should be working in Studio B or Bardel :)

Or elsewhere.. Vancouver has ALOT of studios.. so never narrow yourself.

You've got alot of talent for someone like your age! :)

Keep searching and applying!

You'll get a job very soon :) Hope for the best!

kadianimate said...

Thanks a bunch!!!!

...but I still have another year of school left LOL. I just need a summer internship.

Love the support you guys!!!