Wednesday, June 7, 2006

I have a collection of pretty old drawings... they're from the summer before i started grade 9 XD

So i was 14... i think

Anyway, i like them, they were originally referenced off of girls in the seventeen covers... but i reffed off my picture that was reffed... so its safe to say that this one isn't all that reffed, LOL

I make no sense!!!



Ogre said...

I went to your other website - the Deviantart one - wow - you have some really great drawings!! It seems like you will have a huge headstart over most of the class...

Good Job!!

kadianimate said...

i don't think so.... *sweat*

being ahead SUCKS... i mean this literally, since i had a lot of problems at my current school, especially in life drawing, where everyone ELSE in class was compared to my piece, and i was unable to grow as he wouldn't nitpick, even though i TOLD him there HAD to be huge problems somewhere!!!!


Ogre said...

I don't think you'll have the same problem at Capilano. The life drawing teacher sounds like he is unbelievable good. I'm sure he'll give you an honest apprasal of what he thinks.

I can't really compare cap to what you're currently taking, but the quality of graduate life drawing is obviously very high at Capilano. The work ranges from simply quite good to awe-inspiring.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the 2nd years will be ahead of everyone in first year. And they are right next door.

kadianimate said...


Sorry, i have much angst XD

I just... well, i dunno. I had problems, and now im going to school with people who are definately excellent and its making me very happy.

The best way to learn(at least for me) is to see something and hink, "hey, i could do that," and i push myself in order to achieve it.
+ my school was new and in a small area, so there were very few students who were achieving what i was.
sorry, i tend to blab.

Ogre said...

I completely agree with you. If you are in a class with people that are producing work that really impresses you, it motivates you to work harder. It sounds like you are not currently in that kind of situation.

I've talked to the teachers and students at every open house I've gone to, and I can tell you that anyone that is not totally commited will dropout. The program is very intense. The estimates I've heard vary - but it sounds like most days the class draws a minimum of six hours... And I've hear other people say more.

My main point is that the program is set up to push people limits - which its seems to be doing very successfully.

Its going to be challenging - but also very rewarding.