Monday, June 19, 2006

agh. yes. anime.

but i am liking the colouring, so i thought i'd post.

I was SOOOO addicted to gaia, and i'm trying to cut most of my ties before school starts.
All i'll be doing is working on my "pet" shop, which is really more of an experiment in how long i can stand designing the same types of character and storyline.


too many storylines are in my head!!!! so i can never finish anything, i always have new ideas just DYING to get out.

hope you like, don't mind the anime-ness
(or at least try LOL... i am aware of the "anime is too commercialized and not viable in an american market for long" debate okey dokie?)


R.H. said...

Don't need to say that. Being an anime fan is not a fault.
I can tell you that I'm a serious anime fan which won't be changed by anyone.

hewy said...

Agreed, dont be hard on yourself about it. I see an understanding of art fundamentals (anatomy, composition) in your anime work. I respect anime like this. BTW, the colors are really beautiful!