Monday, November 22, 2010


Aight, what can I say. UM.

NOTHING MUCH IS GOING ON, still working at Starbucks, still nothing on the job front (though I am trying more than usual! I LACK PERSISTENCE) and I went down to van in september to attend the Pixar Masterclass and it was AWESOME. And they told me there was no reason i'm not getting hired SO WHERE IS MY JOB.

Prolly hiding where all my missing socks are, hmm.


Rochelle Lorrae Burrows said...

I went to that Masterclass! - When they came to London. I wish they would come again.

And yes you don't post often enough!! Your drawings are so gorgeous. I love the first coloured one! Keep it up !

sami said...

ahh, love the character sketches! & that first coloured piece is beautiful! :D

kris anka said...

yeah these are all freaking gorgeous.
just keep at it.

kelipipo said...

Oh, I was at the masterclass -- I think we actually chatted a bit at VanArts afterwards.... (I went to Cap too, grad of '10) Anyway, love your work! *follows* Keep on keeping on!

Mike Jones said...

Always cool stuff!
A coworker once told me, (and he's worked everywhere, Toronto, LA..) That when it comes to job hunting, that 9 times out of 10 it's timing, not quality of work. Studios needs change week to week. So keep it up! cause your work is clearly superb!