Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2010 Portfolio


roberta t. said...

Hi! I think your style is awesome!
really nice portfolio^^

Akali said...

Kadi....WOW!!! Great work!!!

seafoodpunch said...

Busy procrastinating while looking for work and came across your stuff. this is incredible! You'll definitely find something soon. Enjoy being unemployed while you can...cuz waking up at 6am to commute to an office SUX.

Anyway, your stuff is incredible. Wish i had the talent..and wish i wasnt such a vector whore.

Geek Girl said...

Oh, wow, I mean, you know I'm already a professed fan of your stuff, but I think this just goes to show why! I really love how you've shown your style has versatility across different genres. There's stuff that has a very classic storybook animation feel, things with a very "you" feel (just based on my observations of your style over the years), and then designs that could just slide right into FF/KH -- they're not derivative, but they could fit into that sort of universe seamlessly -- and then the ninja girls, who are so modern and sort of... pop designy! Plus a dash of classic high fantasy, and then you throw a cherry on top with your charming life drawings that manage to convey not just boring old "I saw a figure and drew him/her," but also character!

I really think it displays that you really have a strength in visual design as opposed to, like, just straight illustration.

And it's cool eye candy to boot. (I think I may have to use one or two of these as desktops on my computer, if that's okay!)

Elle said...

Wow, Kadi, I love your stuff soo much! It's awesome to see your unique style :D

kris anka said...

there is absolutely no reason for you to go to calarts haha.

awesome awesome work