Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tons of Character Designs for Wyrding U

For the past two days, I've been in a glut of character design. Its been fantastic fun, and these guys are definitely a huge improvement over my last try at them.

I am working towards doing some comic pages for this project, I need to work out a plotline (GASP. I have no real plotline as of yet, just ideas for short vignettes)

Tamara doesn't have a style per se, but she does has some rules for her clothing. Mostly, that they cover most of her, and her summer outfit is about as naked as she gets. She also wears her trench coat most places, and it is pretty much the same coat that Hagrid wears, yet more clean. I was going to give her a pretty tragic past, but I decided against it. Her character didn't call for it, and it was just a callback from my anime story days (as in, parents are either explained away or never mentioned) Her bushy hair is my favourite thing to draw!

Alicia; Her style is reminiscent of present/vintage 40's business outfits. She's pretty determined to succeed in the world, and her clothing reflects this. She does wear slacks sometimes, if whatever she is doing calls for it.

Barti is her familiar. He is a mixture of several ugly, mean spirited cats which has bred the beast that is Barti. I'm still not sure exactly how much communication can be had between magic user and familiar.

Oh Elrond. You are a boy and thus hard to draw. I need to work more on him. His design is definately not finalized.

Oh Rajani. You are my most favourite character to draw, and you used to be the hardest for me! Rajani is of East Indian descent, and her familiar is a large tiger cub called Indra (guys name). Rajani is anti-authoritarian because in her opinion, the only authority should be her. Her clothing is very 60's inspired, mostly because they're fun to draw, and also because they were from a pretty rebellious era. Rajani is the "bad" guy but she's not truly bad. OR IS SHE??? I don't know yet, but she is a fun villain who has cool clothes.

No tyrant can be without her right-hand man. Or in this case, ditzy woman. Krystal is one of those catty, annoying, giggly girls who gets on all of our nerves, mostly because she seems to entrance all those of the opposite sex. Krystal's familiar is a lynx, whom I have not drawn yet. She does all of Rajani's dirty work. Her style? As little as she can get away with. If anyone reveals themselves in my comic, it will be her. Probably as some sort of distraction that backfires or something.

ON A DIFFERENT NOTE. i love Bruce Timm's Poison Ivy and felt a strong need to draw her.


Emily said...

cute. amazing. fabulous. i love them. the end.

starlingH said...

very adorable. i will be a happy lady when i can do faces like you

Sloth said...

hey, really strong characters and poses, lots of detail and personality, i <3