Thursday, October 4, 2007

Night of Rest

... and i was drawing all night LOL. I felt like drawing a couple of things for myself, so i drew some sketches, and coloured a picture in.

Ahhhh. i love colouring.

^--Joan of Arc. I always found her story fascinating; young teen girl, hears the voice of god, and takes on the world of men in order to save France. I mean, come on, she's the most kickass woman ever, the person wholly responsible for books with strong female knights.

^--- Naked Indian girl dancing with a scarf... i'm not entirely sure where i was really going with this, other than wanting to colour it. The original version has a redder scarf, but i like this colouring the best.

Randomly, this sketch looked like Cat from class. So then i made it more like her LOL.


Emily said...

Orange scarves! the crowd goes wildddddd!

JO REID said...

i like that little knight character. keep working on him.

macaronni said...

I like the last sitting pose. Thumbs up!

Cat Tang said...

I like the Joan of Arc idea, not *that* many kick-ass females in history to draw from so... Wonder why there hasn't been more on her in animation.. Clone High, I guess. ;)

Nice paint job on the indian lass, too. Wish I could use Photoshop/Painter/Whatever it 'tis like that!

Wee, I am cute. :) Thanks for the lil' doodle on my (Jay's) desk.