Sunday, October 14, 2007

More Witches and Warlocks


hahaha, i haven't done ANY work on anything this weekend. I might do some laundry so at least i feel i accomplished something LOL.

^--- Poor, poor Elrond. His mother chooses his clothing and loves the Lord of the Rings, enough that she named him after the elf king. Elrond is part of the Misfits, a small group of students attending Wyrding University, students who don't fit in to the norm of the affluent and dark student body. Elrond is a Scholarship student, and cannot afford new books, clothes that fit, or even a diviner to help him summon a familiar. Without a familiar, his current studies are failing, and it is driving him batty. Tamara becomes instant friends with him, but he fails to notice, and considers her a terrifying nuisance. He is all for propriety and hates breaking the rules, and finds it hard to believe that such a tiny person as Tamara could harbor so much anarchy and rebellion.

^--- I can't draw animals, so I thought this would be a good chance to work on them. The tiger, ugly as sin, is Indra, Rajani's familiar. While most familiars are chatty and talk freely to their masters as well as close friends, Indra is quiet and constantly watches everything that goes on in school. Indra is the self-proclaimed goddess of the university, and Indra is her bodyguard. No one crosses her tiger.

Barti is Alicia's new-found familiar, found by Tamara and Gilly on the first day of the school year. Alicia is from a very affluent family, and while her brother is the President of the student body, Alicia is considered a failure in the black magic department, and her familiar just adds insult to injury. Barti is a tiny, adorable, normal kitten and is disgraceful for a member of the Snowdale family to have such a normal familiar. Barti seems to have something up his sleeves for Alicia.

^--- Ha. Tamara has no sense of propriety. This is her first meeting with Elrond, who she feels deeply attracted to. (Its his ears. They're large) I need to make their poses stronger when i put this to paper for the comic. She needs to be closer to him, and in a more powerful pose. I think that would help a lot.

^---Alicia's older brother, Radolf, and his familiar, Patroclus. Radolf is the perfect gentleman, and Black Warlock, a perfect example of good witchy breeding. Has an unhealthy obsession with tea, and dreams of one day having one named after him. Unfortunately, he also loves poison, and has killed a couple of people with his Belladonna tea and Hemlock Cordial. Won't talk to his sister now that she has bonded with Barti. He is trying to get her to change her last name, as she is besmirching the family name.

^--- Rajani. Possessor of ancient eastern magic, she is in charge of the International Students club in the school, which is her launching point for taking over the student government of Wyrding U. She is an extremely gifted witch, and seems to have an uncommon connection to some of the eastern gods. She is a little on the chubby side, and doesn't care. Although somewhat the villain, she is definately not a black and white character.

Ha, this is the first time i really don't have a plot driven story. My story is driven by an exceptionally old 4 comic pages that i need to find and scan in since they are terrible, and the characters.

As soon as i design Tamara's friends and the Teacher from her High School, i think i may begin the comic. i know what happens in the first chapter, so i am all set. I'll do a sketchy script as well.

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