Monday, July 23, 2007

Every time I walk to the seabus after work, there is someone there, playing music on various instruments.

I always feel an urge to dance LOL. But i am too chicken to do so XD


Courtney said...

KD!! You updated! Super cool!! WOOT!

Emperial said...

I never get tired of seeing all your marvelous faces, so distinct and yet so wholly you! I wish I could adopt them. ;D There's one on page two that reminds me of one of my characters -- actually, I can find a few that remind me of my characters (because I have so many XDD), but one that's striking.

I think I espied a Snape, too!

More faces, more glorious faces! I really don't understand how a person can draw so many different noses and yet make all her own. <3

kadianimate said...

Noses are my FAVOURITE feature on a person's face. SO MUCH LIFE in a nose!

Its annoying that mine is seriously a perfect triangle. You know when little kids draw noses, and they are triangles? yeah, thats my nose LOL

Thannnnkkkk you!!! I will draw another face page just for you. Its such great practice :)