Sunday, January 7, 2007

Really long time, no post! I was in nostalgia mode the last couple of days and i have been watchin really bad youtube videos of rainbow brite. I still get all happy inside when i see their happy bright colours XD

I went to disneyland for a vacation last week, i spent christmas and new years there. I'll post more about my trip once i get some pictures from my family (i had a disposable camera, but i enjoy ENJOYING, not taking pictures of the moment... you know?)

I'm also going to work on putting some links to blogs up here, and making this blog a little more personalized. I'm not entirely sure what the theme will be, but i'm thinking probably fish. Goldfish, sexy sirens etc.

Oh, and here's a WIP of another Ebony Black picture. I'm finally beginning to write the first book! WOO!

I'll post the final when i'm done; there were a total of two layers used for this, one for the sketch and one for the base colour. I merged them together for the painting process, which i am on right now.


I want to do a daily sketchblog, but that's going to have to wait, since i left my USB cord at my parents house, as i only have one, and i also use it in my portable harddrive.

In other news, my dad is the KING of ebay, and bought me two disney books for $33 dollars.

The kicker? One was Illusions of Life.

I luvs that book.

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kadianimate said...

... my god.

It looks like she has a tumor on the side of her face (left side)