Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This is the sketch for the first page of my comic, "Cowboys from Outer Space!!"


i dont know if anyone can read my writing though. And my bgs SO ROCK HARD. LOL.


Brian said...

Flippin' sweet, I love developement work.

It's unlikely, but have you ever heard of "Iron West"?
I think you'd get a kick out of it. It's premise is pretty close to yours.
Cowboys, robot villains, hulking sasquaches, transforming trains... :P
Anyhow, I'll bring that to class for you to see sometime.

kadianimate said...

Cool but AGGGHHHHH!!!

every idea i have = already done to the point that it looks like i copied, even though i have NEVER heeard of iron west, nor "inheart and inkspell" which is my other sore spot.

Ah well.

My aliens are cute-tentacle-y things. And the trigger-happy monkeys live in the pantry.


Brian said...

I can't count how many times that's happened to me too.

I didn't mean to discourage you though, I only mentioned it because I figured knowing what has been tried already... it's a good place to start to improve on those ideas. :)

You could even say "Inkspell" itself appears to have taken a page from the "Myst" series... to some extent.

kadianimate said...


i know. i cannot convey tone over the net, i meant to sound sarcastic and slightly discouraged XD

the net SUCKS for that kind of thing. I'd love to read it though!! I'm still going to write this story, as i do love the idea of it (not as a comic, and just wanted to try something new with beginnings, because i have trouble with them.)

...but it would be cool if half a book was a comic and half was written. it might entice the younger boy readers...
*i know this has been done before LOL*