Friday, August 4, 2006

I work at the local grocery store, and we get a lot of tourists where I live. A lot of different types of people come in, all shapes and sizes and nationalities... but there was this one group of goth kids who came in, and bought the brightest, most disgustingly kid-like sweet (AKA uber delicious) ice cream. Which was kinda ironic, because their clothes were so dark and moody.

Thanks to haren for putting the idea in my head/ listen while i jabber!


-frank said...

really cute drawing! I love it...

it was ridiculously hot this weekend, I bet the goth kids I ran into were roasting inside their ridiculous all black 4 layer get-ups.

Brian said...

I don't remember giving you the idea... but uhh, anytime. :D

I'll post my progress on the Club/Diamond Queens soon. Woo!